Wednesday, January 27, 2016

APEX 5: UT outdated browser (IE) message

Here's a quick tip how to put outdated browser message (for older IE browsers) to your APEX application that uses Universal Theme.

If you take a closer look to page templates of Universal Theme in Header property you can see some conditional comments:

They are perfect for this because they have some CSS classes that you can easily use to check IE version (lt-ie*).
I won't go into details about conditional comments. If you need some more info you can find it here.

Next step is to put a region and message that you want to display if user visits your app with outdated browser. In my case I've created it on the login page just above login region, but you can also put it on global page if you want it on every page.

For this region I've defined Static ID property rgnOutdatedBrowser and Custom Attributes property style="display:none" to hide it initially.

Next thing that you have to do is to put inline CSS rule to page header to display this region for specific IE versions (in this example for IE8 and older):

You can use this CSS classes to display region in :
  • IE6 and older
          .lt-ie7 #rgnOutdatedBrowser {display:block !important}
  • IE7 and older
          .lt-ie8 #rgnOutdatedBrowser {display:block !important}
  • IE8 and older
          .lt-ie9 #rgnOutdatedBrowser {display:block !important}
  • IE9 and older
          .lt-ie10 #rgnOutdatedBrowser {display:block !important}

Here is the outcome of example in IE8:

That's all. Enjoy! :)

*Tested on APEX

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