Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tabular Form Bug

I found bug in tabular forms created over tables that have columns with timestamp datatype (datepicker fields).
If you try to update any column value you'll get error message like this one:

Current version of data in database has changed since user initiated update process. current row version identifier = "CB89E9B0740B64051B6CA00FD81E58166C2288FA" application row version identifier = "3641B87EB52532E016A0D8377AA8F181A6E2FBCA" (Row 1)

I'm getting same error on APEX and (apex.oracle.com).

The bug was reported to APEX team and it will be fixed in future releases (5.1).

Quick fix for this is applying explicit format mask for timestamp datepicker columns.

Thanks to Robert and Valentino Orehoci for pointing this out and Marc Sewtz for quick fix.

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