Sunday, January 25, 2015

On Demand Process Bug

In my last post I wrote about security of on demand application processes. While I was testing this I've noticed a bug in APEX version and APEX 5 EA2 (probably in some older versions too).

If you have on demand application process (without authorization scheme) and call it from public page (e.g. login page 101) you'll get additional unwanted data in response message.

For example, if you create public on demand application process like this that outputs some string like"OK":

and call it in some on load dynamic action on public page (like login page):

When you take a look at console window you'll see additional data with "OK" string:

If you are expecting that your message is returning something in JSON format you'll get an JS error on page.

I've reported a bug to APEX team and they've fix it for version 5.

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