Friday, September 14, 2018

How to set IG default values for email fields when downloading report

Few days ago I've got interesting APEX question (I don't mind that the question was sent by mail, but there's Oracle Community Forum where you can get quicker answer and more people will benefit from it).

..and the question is: how to define default values for fields that are shown when you want to download Interactive Grid report and send it by the e-mail.

Maybe I'm wrong but I think there's no native way to do this so I found a workaround.
You can do this for a specific region/page or globally by using global page (page 0).

First of all you need to create on click dynamic action triggered on checkbox item "Send as Email":

The Event Scope attribute must be set to Dynamic and if you want to restrict this dynamic action to the specific region you should define Static Container (jQuery Selector) property with static ID of IG region (for example #emp, if static ID of a region is emp).

You also need to create true dynamic action of a type Execute JavaScript Code where you can define items and values that you want to set:

Demo is available here.

Tested in APEX


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