Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remove Annoying Login Message

If you are annoyed by login message "...Please wait 5 seconds to login again..." that apears in APEX 4.2.* after failed login attempt you're lucky for reading this post. There is an easy way to switch it off.

Login to APEX Builder like instance admin and go to Manage Instance > Security option. Find General Login Control region and set property Delay after failed login attempts in Seconds to 0.

Tested with APEX and Oracle XE database.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

View Item Session State from PL/SQL IDE

One and a half year ago I had a post about viewing data from APEX collections from your favorite PL/SQL IDE (PL/SQL Developer, TOAD, SQL Developer...). Similar to that you can view current item session state. First step should be getting grants from some internal APEX packages (executing as sys user):

grant execute on apex_040200.wwv_flow_security to test;
grant execute on apex_040200.wwv_flow_session_state to test;

After that you have to register application and session ID in your PL/SQL IDE (running in parsing schema, e.g. test):

   -- Set Application ID       
   apex_040200.wwv_flow_security.g_flow_id := 121;
   -- Set Session ID  
   apex_040200.wwv_flow_security.g_instance := 802090201361;   

Any time you want to see current session state from some item you have to refresh current session state values by executing:

   -- Refresh Item Session State Values

After that you can see value from any item in current session using function v or apex_util.get_session_state, for example:

select v('P1_TEST') from dual

Tested with APEX and Oracle XE database.

NOTE: It wouldn't be a good idea to give these grants on production instances. :)