Wednesday, September 23, 2015

APEX 5: Sticky Regions

You know that in APEX 5 you can (for IR) define how you would like to display report headings

  • Fixed to Region
  • Fixed to Page
  • None

By using same API (not documented) you can make your regions "sticky".
First, you have to set Static Region ID (for example rgnSticky) of your sticky region.

After that add onload JS code:

Check out demo here.

*Tested on APEX

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Using PL/SQL block as result set for RESTful services

Maybe I'll save some time to someone with this post... :)

So, if you're using RESTful Services and your source type is PL/SQL you should wrap your code with BEGIN and END keywords.
I'm not used to do this in APEX since in every place where you're writing PL/SQL code this is done implicitly and I was surprised that here I had to do it explicitly.

I've tested this with APEX